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Hunting Snow Tops
Written By: Sir Charles Sirtup |||

Publish Date: May 17th, 2017

Available: Now

Book Description:
HUNTING SNOW TOPS---Written by Charles George Sirtup III. Old timers, watch your back! A spectacular futuristic thriller imagines the US government ending Social Security payments to the eldely in 2032. In the ensuing years of strife and chaos leading to a civil war the elderly, called Snow Tops by the masses, are hunted down and eliminated to balance the budget and insure financial stability for America! Witness the battle of the ages first hand in the exciting glimpse into the future. This is a winner! Don’t miss the best read of the summer! Kirkus Review, says of Hunting Snow Tops...brash, unbound...political humor...a bold, unsparing burlesque of new conservitive nastiness and agism...threatens to make satire Great Again!" Another literary achievement from the author of Kirkus reccommened and acclaimed debut novel, FLYLAND.